Change the World

The day I started Pucho Web Solutions, I was inspired by my gurus in philanthropy, and social responsibility, which include General Colin Powell, Marc Benioff, Ray Chambers and Chuck Feeney. I decided to do something unusual with the company. And that is to donate at least 1% of equity, 1% Profits (as Product), and 1% of Time to charities. And that was easy because there was no equity, profit or people in the company.

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Happy Holidays 2018

My Special Gift for you!

I just released a brand new online course about Web App Programming. The course consists of 15 short videos. The total running time is just under 60 minutes. I invite you to start a 2-month trial and become my student.

In addition to my course, you will have unlimited access to over 25,000 classes. I am sure you can find something you are interested in. The site allows you to download videos for offline viewing.

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Predictions on Web Design

modernwd01The web and graphic design industry is expanding in leaps and bounds. However, each year brings its own unique surprises. We foresee many trends emerging in the web design realm with more focus being given on creating less complicated and more sophisticated designs.

Although, we have observed many latest trends disappear and re-appear in the past few years, we can make some predictions about modern web design trends that will eventually capture the design industry in future.

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