Register your Domain Name

Domain Name Registration Process

Best practices to register your domain name:

  1. Create your own account with the domain registrar and buy the domain yourself to maintain control of your domain name. Do not leave this up to anyone else because if you do not have complete control and ownership of your domain under your own account, you can lose control of your domain if the person who actually controls the registrar account disappears, becomes injured or dies, or decides they hate you, all of which I have seen happen, and You will not actually have legal rights to your domain, which means you have no right to maintain or control the domain attached to your website except through the good will of the person who actually owns it. I have horror stories for you, I promise.
  2. Choose a short domain name of 15 characters or less. People are more likely to remember your domain name and spell it correctly if it is short and sweet. might seem like a good idea, but, trust me, is a better alternative. It is simpler and easier to remember.
  3. Don’t use counterintuitive spelling or hyphens. If you want people to find you, spell it, not Quirky only works if it’s searchable on Google, and nobody will ever type the hyphen.
  4. Choose a more common domain extension. When people type a url into their browser, they will most likely try to end a url with a more common top-level domain extension such as .com rather than lesser-used ones like .tk or .cc. Also, the less common top-level domain extensions are often seen as possible spam, and so people are less likely to click on them.