HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Protect Your Users With Liquid Web’s Paramount Peace of Mind

We’ve come to host many enterprises that utilize and/or transfer highly confidential information. Often, the consequences of the loss or compromise of this data could cause irreparable damage to our clients’ reputations, if not even more serious legal penalties. Considering this, we have crafted the ideal plan to ensure that your data is secured by HIPAA compliance standards.


  • HIPAA Compliant Network Solutions
  • A Multitude of Physical Security Measures Beyond Those Required
  • Extensive Data Security Measures
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • A 24/7/365 ON-SITE HIPAA Trained Staff

When choosing a host, it is important to consider the physical data center(s) where your information will be stored. If that data includes sensitive and/or confidential information, the importance of this decision is magnified considerably. All Pucho Web Data Centers are designed to provide you with the tools to ensure compliance physically, environmentally and across the entire network infrastructure in addition to around the clock HIPAA-trained Heroic Support® engineers available, on-site, whenever you need them